What we do

Commercial Storytelling & Pitch Preparation

The world’s leading communicators are relaxed, confident and appear totally credible with what they say. In most cases, they were taught how to communicate this way, and we will work with you to show you the same tools, tactics and strategies that make great communicators so effective. 

We will give you the skills to be a confident communicator across one-to-one discussions, group meetings or large presentations.

Commercial Opportunity Development

Many people are uncomfortable at the thought of having to identify and create new business opportunities, but all businesses need new streams of revenue and profit. Finding new business opportunities is a management process and can be learnt by anyone.

We will work with you to help you understand why people and organisations make buying decisions and what you can do to predict and influence them. We will show you how to assess opportunities and develop the skills to see where you can generate new clients and develop long-term business streams.

Negotiation Strategy & Planning

In many cases, businesses significantly undersell their services, as they don’t understand the true value they provide and don’t know how to calculate the real price that clients are prepared to pay. We will work with you to help you understand and negotiate the real value for your products or services without damaging the client relationship.

We will show how to identify the key issues that are really important to the people you are working with and how to frame your approach so that it brings you the maximum impact.

We use proven strategies and techniques to improve the way you interact with others, gain an understanding of the client’s value expectations and limits, and learn how to present your proposal in a structured way that maximises your negotiation potential and gets them to “buy in” to your ideas and concepts.

Crisis Communication Strategies

When we are put under pressure, particularly in times of crisis, our ability to communicate effectivly can become diminished. By using set scenarios that are based on real-life potential crises, we will help you understand what you and your team do well when under pressure and where improvements can be made.