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The Ogilvie Ross 10 Tips For Surviving Christmas

Christmas albums to avoid at Christmas parties:  David Hasselhoff’s The Night Before Christmas (yes, he did) Twisted Sister’s A Twisted
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3 Lessons In Leadership I Learned From A Snowboarder

I like to think it’s cool that I’m a mom who snowboards; maybe it’s not but I certainly feel that way.   Maybe I think this because snowboarding has a
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3 reasons you should have Family as a core value in your company

Rugby is a pretty cool sport. Being American, I didn’t know this until my daughter started playing it a few years ago.  I watched her get tackled and make
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Made in Scotland... Mike Forbes

Mike Forbes, founder of the luxury resort Forbes of Kingennie, is the guest on this episode of Made In Scotland. Mike, at heart, is a Scottish farmer. When
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In conversation with... Ant and John

In this episode Gary Robinson talks with Anthony Drew and John Ross about Scotland as a venue, the importance of negotiation skills and their current
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Made in Scotland... Lynne Beattie

This week’s ‘made in Scotland’ podcast guest is Lynne Beattie. Lynne is the Regional Development Officer (East) for the Scottish Volleyball
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