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We believe that good conversations can stimulate ideas, innovative concepts and find solutions to challenges that might not appear obvious. Our aim is to help get your own conversation going through thought-provoking material.

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In conversation with... Helen Archibald

Helen Archibald, Chief Operating Officer of Thorntons LLP, joins Gary Robinson and John Ross in the studio to discuss her career progression from a Belfast
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Made in Scotland... Kirsteen Ross

This week’s Made in Scotland podcast guest is Kirsteen Ross. If you read Kirsteen’s Twitter profile you will see: Cricketer, Musician, Wife, Mother,
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In conversation with... Kyle Smith

Renewable energy research scientist and Atlantic rower, Kyle Smith, joins Gary Robinson and John Ross in the studio to discuss the state of the renewable
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Made in Scotland... Patrick Brady

In this podcast Gary Robinson speack to Patrick Brady. Patrick Brady is one of the UK's new breed of Hypnotists but that wasn't where he started. Listen to
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Made in Scotland... Suzanne Zeedyk

In this Made in Scotland episode Gary Robinson speaks to Dr. Suzanne Zeedyk. Dr Zeedyk is a reasearch scientist fascinated by babies' innate capacity to
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Made in Scotland... Sundeep Salins

Ogilvie Ross are delighted to have been able to support Gary Robinson in the production of his first Made in Scotland series. Over the coming weeks, will
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