Ogilvie Ross presents its first "In Conversation With" Live

Interesting people, a thought-provoking speaker and good conversations were the ingredients of Ogilvie Ross’ first live “In Conversation With.” The event, hosted by Thorntons Solicitors in Edinburgh, featured our own Anthony Drew, author of Two Red Lines and a Toy Box.  With Gary Robinson interviewing, Ant talked about his new book and gave personal anecdotes about people and companies becoming better negotiators under his tutelage.  His stories varied from the comical to helping companies save millions of GBP in a single negotiation.  He talked about the power of The Flinch and gave other practical tips before opening it up for Q&A.

“In Conversation With” Live is the next step of the Ogilvie Ross podcast series of the same name.  The idea behind it is that interesting people spark interesting conversations, and these conversations can lead to new ideas, new acquaintances, new business, new possibilities.  This first live interview centred around Ant’s expertise in negotiation and the room was filled to capacity with people from a variety of backgrounds and professions, ranging from CEOs to Olympic and Commonwealth Athletes. 

The format provided time for wine and conversation before and after Ant’s interview.  This allowed introductions to be made, background stories told, and possibilities to come into focus.  After the interview, the room buzzed as people stayed on, engrossed in their conversations. 

Ogilvie Ross will be presenting several more “In Conversation With” Live throughout Scotland throughout the year.  The interviews will feature people who will inspire, motivate, and challenge. 

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