Our blog and podcasts give you a window into who we are.  It's what we find interesting, humourous or important.  Sometimes all three.  

We believe that good conversations can stimulate ideas, innovative concepts and find solutions to challenges that might not appear obvious. Our aim is to help get your own conversation going through thought-provoking material.

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Ogilvie Ross presents its first "In Conversation With" Live

Interesting people, a thought-provoking speaker and good conversations were the ingredients of Ogilvie Ross’ first live “In Conversation With.” The
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In conversation with... Gary Robinson and Greta Hart Montgomery

Gary Robinson talks with Greta Hart Montgomery about her blog post - 3 reasons you should have family as a core value in your company and how this is lived
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In conversation with... Gary Robinson and John Ross

Gary Robinson talks with John Ross, Managing Partner, about Ogilvie Ross’s shortlisting for the 2018 Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Responsible Business of
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Three Benefits of Adventure as a Core Value

My 12th birthday party was in the Denver Airport.  On purpose.  My parents asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, and I decided to have a party at the
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In conversation with... John Ross and Greta Hart Montgomery

In this episode John Ross talks with Greta Hart Montgomery about her article in the Edinburgh Chamber magazine which looks at the parallels between business
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The Ogilvie Ross 10 Tips For Surviving Christmas

Christmas albums to avoid at Christmas parties:  David Hasselhoff’s The Night Before Christmas (yes, he did) Twisted Sister’s A Twisted
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